All About Poker Bonus Freak

The online poker scene continues its tremendous growth, but what games are most profitable? In the past year, I’ve experienced tremendous success in heads up poker (one on one), both cash and sit-n-go style. I’m playing at $50 limits and winning about 62% of my matches. Because I play as many as 50 matches per day, this translates to a nice chunk of cash.

Why heads up poker? Two main reasons: 1.) You can’t be cheated through collusion since its just you and one other player. 2.) Winning players have more chances to take advantage of weak opponents because they’re making so many more decisions.

I will offer a few tips on how to be successful in this type of poker game.

First, have a tendency to play tight in the beginning blind levels and get a feel for how your opponent plays. Give your opponent a label for how he plays pre-flop and how he plays after the flop. Use this information against your opponent, and try to play the opposite.

Second, whenever you have less than 12 big blinds and you’re on the button (first to act), move all in no matter what two cards you have. If you’re not moving all in you’re simply giving your money away.

Third, play within your bankroll. I found a sweet spot at the $50s, but you can’t expect to start out there and be a winner. Start at$1, $2, or $5 heads up and always leaves you 25 buy .Lastly, always take advantage of any poker bonuses codes, poker reload bonuses, or poker rakeback programs.

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